Cuts to British Policing – What’s the Truth?


Mike Pannett – Police Commentator will be on BBC Look North at 6:30pm tonight (3/7/11) to discuss these issues. Join in by adding your comments below.

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Winsor Called to the HMIC!





News broke this evening that Tom Winsor was the Governments preferred choice of candidate to be the next HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspector of Constabulary)

Since the news broke twitter has gone crazy with many Police Officers voicing their concerns at the news. However the public appeared more guarded at the prospect. Could this be due to a lack of knowledge or the fact the Police service is still seen as a Government organisation?

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Royal Commission – Policing & Sam Hallam




You may be asking yourself who is Sam Hallam? 

Sam Hallam aged 24 was released from custody last week having served just 7.5 years of a life sentence for killing a trainee chef in London which was proven in the Court of Appeal he did not committ. Now those of you who are Police Officers or Public and who have not followed this in the news should be asking some questions but then so should those of you who did follow it and understand the issues.

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Home Secretary Barracked to Resign in Bournemouth


Following on from a successful morning of tweeting #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay between 8 and 9 am where apparently there was even a mention on BBC Radio1 News the Home Secretary arrived at Federation Conference HQ.

Officers holding ENOUGH is ENOUGH Posters

Today the Home Secretary attended the annual Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth to present her annual speech. She was met with a sea of Police Officers holding up posters which read ENOUGH is ENOUGH however she continued with her speech following on from the national Federation Chair Paul McKeever.

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Theresa Mays Empty Words

#NoConfidenceInTheresaMay Trending on Twitter

Home Secretary Theresa May Making Promises she cannot Keep!

Today sees the Home Secretary Theresa May give her annual speech at the National Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth. She is due to receive an extremely frosty reception from Police Officers present. She has been complicit in supporting 20% Cuts to Policing meaning 16,000 less Police Officers Policing in towns and villages throughout England & Wales.

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National Police Federation Conference 2012

This week sees the annual National Police Federation Conference take place in Bournemouth.

it looks set to be a bumpy week for the Home Secretary Theresa May as she gives her annual speech to the rank and file Officers.

National Chair Paul McKeever also faces a tough week as he manages the call from rank and file Police Officers calling for the right to strike.

All this and absolutely no doubt lots more over the coming week.

We will of course bring you the latest from Bournemouth via our Website, Twitter and Facebook.


You can also follow a Live Feed direct from the Conference and via Twitter using the hash tag #pfew2012