Yesterday marked a turn in Police History when over 30,000 Police Officers, Police Staff and members of the public marched against Government Cuts to the Police Service.

This WAS NOT a march about Police Pay, Conditions and Pensions.

IT WAS a march against 20% Cuts and the loss of 16,000 Police Officers from our streets: Police Cuts March 2012


The atmosphere was pensive as the procession joined by the famous Police actor Graham Cole and Chief Officer Tony Melville formed outside Millbank.

Placards were hoisted high above heads hours before the march moved off at midday. So long was the procession it was some hours before the end of the march moved.

16,000 Police Officers wore black caps representing those who will be taken from our streets during the massive 2% cuts to Policing, a percentage being taken from the front line.

Members of the public and tourists alike engaged Officers on route and the whole day was extremely friendly. Police Federation against cuts black and white caps and badges were seen on the heads of people walking Londons streets, on the heads of people on tourist busses and children alike.

Even those who chose to protest against the Police on route were tame but democracy won the day with all voices heard.

Some protesters even came out in support of the Police in Parliament Square showing the very human nature of society.

Whilst the Home Office was very quiet with no sign of the Home Secretary Theresa May or Policing Minister Nick Herbert the procession erupted with a slow loud applause as it slowed. Downing Street had its normal Police presence however many Metropolitan Police Officers on duty supported by clapping the procession passed.


The procession reached its climax arriving at Parliament Square in front of the Houses of Parliament.

Through into Parliament Street and onto Whitehall.

Although all was quiet in Downing Street home of the British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Despite the huge turnout there was again limited media coverage however the Police Federation Chair Paul McKeever and Constables Chair Julie Nesbit and others gave interviews to various news channels and other media.

Support was gained internationally with messages of support from as far away as New Zealand and Australia. One ex Police Officer even travelled over from America to support his colleagues.

Closer to home the Police Federation website was inundated with messages of support from on duty Officers and Staff:

Messages of Support  

Despite our efforts on the day Home Secretary Theresa May and Policing Minister Nick Herbert were in Parliament continuing their rhetoric on cuts due to austerity. Utter rubbish as we know and as has been proved by financial studies.


The Anti Winsor Network also had a large show of support within the march and sahses with Hold the Line printed being worn by many. 

As the day ended we heard that Prison Officers had also walked out: Public Service Demonstrations May 10th 2012  

A tory MP apologising on behalf of the Government: Tory MP Apology   

And the news via Twitter that Keith Vaz has requested Tom Winsor return to the Home Affairs Select Committee to answer further questions in relation to his report.


We would like to end this article with our thanks and appreciation on behalf of thousands of Police Officers to the Metropolitan Police who marshalled and Policed the march with professionalism and constraint.



A truly successful day in the history Policing.


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