Home Secretary Theresa May Making Promises she cannot Keep!

Today sees the Home Secretary Theresa May give her annual speech at the National Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth. She is due to receive an extremely frosty reception from Police Officers present. She has been complicit in supporting 20% Cuts to Policing meaning 16,000 less Police Officers Policing in towns and villages throughout England & Wales.


Remember in 2010 Theresa May made a promise to Police Officers “I will always support you, I will always back you, I will always fight for you” Whilst other Secretaries of State supported, backed and fought off and therefore reducing cuts to their departments Theresa May was silent.

Remember 16,000 Police Officers was the same number of Police Officers required to bring the rioting streets under control last year. The Police Service will change purely because of this reduction. This is not modernisation, nor is it cuts with reference to any austerity along with Winsor and Hutton reports it’s a targeted sustained attack on British Policing.

In the Police Federation National Detective Forum Detectives heard that colleagues were vastly reduced in number, their workload increased to unmanageable amounts.

We heard Javed Khan CEO of Victim Support raising concerns Police Officers were hugely over stretched with victims of crime not being kept updated, some not even being visited by Police Officers.

All of this and yet the public have had little or no widespread proper public consultation.

It’s an utter disgrace!!!

This morning between 08:00hrs and 09:00hrs ProtectOurPolice.Co.Uk is asking followers and supporters on Twitter to tweet #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay prior to her annual speech. Hopefully this will see a Twitter trend establish which not only the media will pick up on but show Theresa May that ENOUGH is ENOUGH prior to her speech.

We do not know what action Police Officers in attendance within the Conference will take but without doubt they will have a way of showing their distain.

Please help us to show Home Secretary Theresa May that both the Police and Public have little confidence in her as managing the future of British Policing.

Tweet #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay between 8 and 9 am as many times as you can.



Please leave your comments here and tell us what you think of the Home Secretary’s management of your Police Service “The best / finest Police Service in the World”