Following on from a successful morning of tweeting #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay between 8 and 9 am where apparently there was even a mention on BBC Radio1 News the Home Secretary arrived at Federation Conference HQ.

Officers holding ENOUGH is ENOUGH Posters

Today the Home Secretary attended the annual Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth to present her annual speech. She was met with a sea of Police Officers holding up posters which read ENOUGH is ENOUGH however she continued with her speech following on from the national Federation Chair Paul McKeever.

In his speech he reiterated the unfairness of 20% Cuts to the Police Service with the loss of 16,000 Police Officers. Police Officers were taking over and above cuts more than any other public service with pay freezes and with the changes to the pay structure this would entail a pay freeze of roughly 4 years. Videos were played through his speech highlighting firstly Officers financial stresses with many stating how they signed up for one thing but were now facing a much more uncertain future.

Stephen Mann from Police Mutual gave a presentation on levels of financial stress amongst Police Officers and their families with many taking out loans to survive day to day. 85% of those asked stated they were worried about their financial future, further that a staggering 1 in 5 Police Officers were looking for other employment.

National Chair Paul McKeever went on to say that Police Officers were stressed within the workplace with increases in workloads due to less Officers. In turn this led to further stresses from a public still with the expectation that the Police Service will be there to help keep them safe. The Chair by now relaxing into his speech mentioned that Wales was losing so many of its Police Officers it would be equivalent to the whole loss of North Wales Police Service. He stated and made a clear concise point that Police Officers were accountable to the Public whereas private companies are not.

The lack of flexibility also cropped up under the loss of 16,000 Police Officers again equivalent to the number used to quell the riots last year putting the public at risk of harm. Reality struck home when Paul McKeever stated at the very end product of this was cuts in public safety, more crime, more antisocial behaviour and more disorder.

A video then played of a comedy sketch but reality was that it was no longer funny as the comedy parts were now reality such as telephoning for the Police to be answered with music instead of being answered by a Police Officer.

Home Secretary Appearing Rather Pensive

Home Secretary Theresa May then rose and gave a speech reminiscent of last year. Very little of it was new save for mentioning the fallen Police Officers of the past year.

Then followed a rather rapturous question and answer session which occasionally saw the Home Secretary stony faced and extremely uncomfortable.

Questions on whether Winsor was as independent as is made out, did he disclose his links to G4S the private company currently in negotiation with Government on take overs of Policing roles when he was chosen to draw up his report on Police Reform.


At one point Paul McKeever even asked everyone in the hall to put their hands up if they thought Tom Winsors report was independent. No one did but Mr McKeever was very quick to observe and say “I notice you didn’t put your hand up Home Secretary. A moment which the audience chose to applaud their National Chair but barrack the Home Secretary with shouts of “Oh, Did Winsor Disclose the information ect”

The Inspectors Central Committee even started tweeting “It would appear that the Home Sec is wearing invisible earmuffs as she aint listening” Then further shouts erupted from the audience of over 1000 Police Officers who represent many hundreds of thousands more calling for the Home Secretary to resign.


She scurried off the stage immediately at the finish of the session to more shouts for her to resign.

Blair Gibbs from the Policy Exchange tweeted “Politicians know Police Fed Conf has become an annual charade: Opposition yes, occasional abuse but never open ridicule like this” and “Not even a polite ripple of applause for Home Sec: a direct speech restating the #Policereform case & why #Winsor is good for cops” This caused more fury from those Officers in attendance and others on twitter.

We replied “It’s the sign of being treated unfairly Blair. Little or no #PublicConsultation it’s the Publics service give them a say. There’s another day left at Conference and the heat isn’t off yet with Police Officers seeking the right to strike. I feel this will fall on deaf ears as really what is required is the right to take industrial action not strike!!

We also viewed many supportive tweets from members of the public stating that the Home Secretary had lost the plot. A video of members f the public was also played with their valid concerns of 16,000 Police Officers less.

Do you have a comment to make on the Home Secrataries speech today. Please contact us especially if you are a member of the public. We would like to publish all of your comments.